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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 11, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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is just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks windmill and moving more the us. we went. welcome to nhk world news lot and you know tommy in tokyo shares a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. the prime minister of japan is raising the government's first national security strategy and new defense guidelines saying they'll become historic documents. nelson mandela inspired millions at home and around the world people in tokyo. gathered to
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pay tribute to the anti apartheid luncheon. and as the lord continues efforts to raise its international profile. it's posting this on the stage version of the olympic games for the first time in more than four decades. japanese leaders are putting the finishing touches on the country's first national security strategy. experts have started reviewing it along with new defense guidelines. the prime minister is calling the documents historic. she's on this as a cabinet has been working to rebuild japan security policies. he says their goal is to protect people's lives and property so i am convinced that the national security strategy and defends guidelines will become the historic documents. they will be the basis that with hands future security policies. the security strategy is based on the concept of promoting
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pacifism through international cooperation. it refers to china's rapid military expansion and a cause for a review of japan's ban on arms exports. the new defense guidelines map out a course of action to be for the protection of remote islands in the southwest they say the self defense forces. you should have amphibious capabilities so we can recapture islands in case a foreign nation and dates and they say the government will work with the private sector to stamp and transport capabilities in the area the guidelines also state the sts will add another f fifteen fighter jet unit to the one deployed in the southernmost prefecture of okinawa and it will deploy an early warning aircraft unit and to us on spray transport aircraft government officials plan to endorse the national security strategy and the defense guidelines as early as next tuesday. the number of dementia patients worldwide is expected to rise along with a growing segment of
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elderly citizens. alzheimer's disease international estimates that more than forty four million people around the world are currently suffering from the condition that figure is forecast to exceed one hundred thirty five million by twenty fifty. health ministers from the group of eight nations gathered for the first to mention some of that is unseen. he used a number of police. and on and let me once again come and the leadership of the g eight countries. he legal ladies and gentleman. the summit opened in london on wednesday that ministers were accompanied by researchers and officials from the world health organization and pharmaceutical companies participants reported on its support programs for dementia patients and their families in order to promote discussion on ways to improve them. he also talked about
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how to finance the support research and involvement of drugs to control the disease japan senior vice minister of how a machine that quotes a chia said the country has been focusing on early diagnosis of the region's can continue to live in a comfortable time. south africans are singing dancing and crying as they say their last goodbyes to the man who dedicated his life to transforming their nation the body of nelson mandela is lying in state in the capital pretoria. police escorted the hearse carrying his company which was draped in a south african flag. they went from a military facility to the union buildings mandela was sworn in there in nineteen ninety four becoming the nation's first black president. thousands of people watched as the procession made its way along the routes that st about ten kilometers. they praised mandela for the work he did to dismantle apartheid and unite the country
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the remake have any given time in our lives cause of the many things in life. he made he said in a tent in the flat that the mighty bow forgiveness. read on. south africa. it's open to all of us. mandela's body will lie in state for three days the government set up an altar so officials foreign diplomats in the could file past. south african leaders to clear ten days of mourning starting last thursday when mandela died. he will be honored with the state funeral on sunday in its hometown of crew knew in the southeast and will then be buried. people around the world are remembering mandala for the larger than life figure that he was finished year olds meet scottish pilot takes us to a memorial in tokyo. i i as a it is. but at least one cents
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your list. about three hundred people gathered to farewell the mc non use. i don't i hear well. just this week. data was known for being the strong advocate for protecting the rights and rights of children. as children from south africa of the falcons quotes the dissidents we called his thoughtful manner. no one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin. for his pro. for his creation. the board the eye anthony quinn. people from all walks of life to park including government officials and diplomats
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japanese foreign minister antonio kita said he had minute mandela for his lifelong work. it was near universal values of freedom and equality the south african ambassador mahal paykel said. each person can help fill the empty space left by the weak leader. by having the courage to fight for humanity. then use the facts and principles nelson mandela. need to keep the candy and fun fall. with that kind of reach. the nt after this the best participants lined up to my messages of condolence. i'm going to end aimed at the mall and that the team lead changes abound. i learned from and should not
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give up. i should not lay blame on someone else. with setbacks provide food for my growth. i would like to have a positive attitude and engage people. mr mandela says she thinks will be tested for years to come. i myself would like to do something for children and for future generations to help achieve this goal. as thousands of miles from dallas. that is commitment to freedom and his indomitable spirit. once the lives of so many people. when the skyline p well. i can't. myanmar has been working hard to raise its international profile since its recent transition from military to civilian rule and starting wednesday the country is hosting a major sporting event known as the southeast asian games eleven nations are
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participating over the next two days will report on home myanmar manages this high profile event and its attempt to reach out to the world tried to dig us and is at the games press center in the myanmar capital method all. i'm hearing the muncie cutting capital of myanmar miss the kids play nose to the southeast asian games every little version of the oven bakes the sea ice will run until december twenty seconds and will include more than thirty sports. the potential audience each unit with six hundred million people living in the region this is me in his first large scale international event after decades of military rule the country the sea games were held forty four years ago the cost of psalm eighteen two thousand fourteen twenty and i will be here. the games are an opportunity for the thing seemed awfully to show that changed the progress made in the nation. take a look at how the capital is hearing for the events. there are couple of nice lady il mondo
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things. instead this is how rules which are considered to be blocked shots. it's a tough shot standing outside in the sunshine all day but all in all complained their parts in an important event for me in the officials and the president. during paddle sports attire. this is a chance on the market so with that but on to the world the earlier here is not an option for them. our governments. the has been tight in the capital with many temporary police boxes set up and wrote sonnets the village holds four thousand people from across the beach. security is a priority. this separation countries makes it difficult to communicate with athletes from other nations. i like that it's disappointing because in this environment
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we commonly frame with athletes from other nations it's uncomfortable. i immediately get back to bite that obligation on cd. since then. that being. with indiana pantheon books to those they the competition there's a lot of people here and here is why he quit to start out fast. and all. it's easy to answer the many beats themselves and school kids to get it for free. we seem to be brought in high school for the stick into the atmosphere. our teachers protested to watch the game you can see i am in. this is apparently a chance to have this opportunity and amour
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so we can see what's happening. in his will is now a golden opportunity to shower when you face the world at the opening ceremony. they recruited more than ten thousand students on the show and tell the whole thing is that these tidbits in terms of international exposure. as the host its biggest international event for the countries benefiting from just support from other nations from equipment to catering and promotion. as he entered toronto's second success not only on the playing field but also in business and he was reaching out to some other ports. he died two thousand and three saves and a speaker. you see that the tuna was awesome to be useful to see gates. since receiving training on how to manage the seat digital pixel like nothing is ever a bad experience before. cheney's
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opened it might be among the staff walking down the steps. i suffer was studying real unilever and connection of course tremendous company. any time did that. ultimately though let us know. she say to his priority is safety which is not always the kids did open them up. dividing the streets leaders and chopping boards by key ingredients to the boy who caught the mediation is also a new idea. it's an mnc it's a great opportunity to study of science teaching management. i'll lose a leg amputated al sabah week myanmar as a developing country don't have enough experience in such large scale catering the local like we're getting a lot of experience in the sea games project i which is supported by this multinational companies ideas on how well when any extreme me. about twelve history. he's not the only motivation. oh and p
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who is now must eat innovations. i'm saying is be a great business potential for expansion. our companies that have seen that scene at me and i pass them up to the market that he'd like to read this and if you don't get to eat while we're in the process who hailed the flight deck to make this a faithful. i'll be in that the teenage brides have really my stepdad and then people will know us by how well a contribution to the country. he was the least cool motion once he gets to be handled by a forty five again go team supported by taking them to win a source of b c setting the wheel and stupid for words as he gets a chance to win i don't know anything about the seeking of the motown buy a lottery ticket. again the hobbit and support the sea games i hope i have some look in
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the lottery to get out. evil beach or three course feast of saints and surprises include high end cars and home appliances. the project was initiated by a company after the anti social according to allow michael to eat. he's not keen on seeing who could get some of them as government needs more attention on the sea games from its people. sixers together with tummy and nine our company proposed to me and my covenant you an idea for promoting this the games japanese companies of course the beach in sports we enforce them on the stocking this is a saintly decreased as the famous japanese designer john cook optional the disciple by the two thousand four hundred. i quickly. i was looking at the shows also so she gets how awesome it is a farce company got stuck. in
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addition to funding was a sea games. the company donated a two dollars and a leading rights for the scots many openings. sony has also provided the court the kitchen cabinets. but at the company just opened at me i'm over at the cia says that he just pulls it is a great chance to promote the abrupt from eva lounge seating say thanks does increase the visibility guess it's a chilling cover these to grow we ate it. so by staying on a lattice top. we believe that myanmar market is an untapped treasure we became one of the first sponsors of the sea games. because we wanted to show or deep commitment to myanmar with the big event like this they should watch and outside the convention will come by those kinds of help from overseas the aclu's you sure
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it's great to meet the success of opportunities for international corporations. i'm going to have a few hours ago. see the thirty seat needs is not just a sporting event it's a chance for the meantime nothing to show the world that it's ready for new investment from private practice in time to participate in south east asian nations in the street at their tiny hand in providing wants more tonight's opening ceremony has been an international event at the top not seen him on for decades. we'll have more updates on thursday as the team's progress reporting from the cow the shaking of a violent earthquake and calls a tall building to crumble. a less understood danger is when skyscrapers sway researchers in western japan have investigated this phenomenon they erected the mall times story steel frame building
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and made a rock tell that collapsed in each year olds the secular kaka has more the great feast in town the way of life to live in two thousand eleven buildings in tokyo three did not beat on his computer isn't displayed back in. so lots of people inside and were unable to stamp. this high rise building in osaka seven pounds or seventy km away. stick to the top closely as much as three meters. the scenes in a cycle is called a long period the ground in the shop he can have a series of text on the building's structure japan has about two thousand five hundred buildings that a six in the design or color no one knows exactly how well they can withstand maisie quakes and held in a crumble under pressure
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research continues from a massive institute before with the test of a site in the oval cricket. together with kazakhstan from this baby of the twenty five meter tall steel structure the scale model is about building twenty storeys and seventy five meters high the census put the building through the range of motion that's expected in tokyo for sukkot. one unexpected magnitude nine quake strikes among kites from the pacific ocean. the movement is about twice as intense as the authorities estimate that when they set to pounce quake resistance tampa. the post made the sox's top story this way more than sixty one centimeters. that translates to one hundred bt said to be just as it did not meet the skyscraper. the building did not collapse of globalism piece on its mid course was the peeling his court date
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reese is just summed up this way. the thieves four times stronger than expected hundred of these founders produce extreme twisting in the mobile phones cars and started to fade. we were able to collect important. as we could actually see the whole process through to the collapse of building it up. the researchers say they'll use the test results to study ways to strengthen walls and ceilings they also plan to develop technology to quickly take building's safety. secular tucking any skin world. managers of a nuclear waste reprocessing
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facility north east of tokyo are trying to get operations going again. they haven't been able to restart because regulators tight and safety standards following the extant at the cushman bank to clap. they seem to have made a successful appeal for an exception. an eight year olds the article how to reports. the new clio feels like all enduring love directories is located in the nike prefecture. i bought one hundred km northeast of tokyo. as smith attempted to make energy agency. ok so the tea. three point five cubic meters of solutions containing plutonium and four hundred cubic meters of high need of a new apt given the key to waste hours to live on sky. a lot to process the kid into this on a coyote on the phone was suspended in two thousand and seven. and
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my niece has to be able to be stopped is because of the team at the new korea thank you for pushing on they worried about what would happen if they break it any longer. the pull of the bands on here this year a full minute clip and sympathetically in the us state of washington. nuclear waste me company all three cells with that the path to energy agency asked to mentor a test to allow them to stop processing again the fascinating cousin house then you won't be the screening process the new immigration of flaky is expected to make an exception. momo was going off to school. keeping the radioactive waste in liquid form is highly risky so generally speaking turning the waste into solid substances may help reduce the risk. but it was clock has stopped because this
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thing again. they mean cough to stop in the future he stays to still love the way is still inside. bill about now. i may just may have to fear that's a temporary solution a government decision to choose the final disposal site for new clio based in japan is likely a long way off. you may recall that a nice tea wallets tokyo calm weather has returned to tokyo for the forecast we have our meteorologist roberts better with this rubber. on so few really is bathing in the sun today and it's falling the heavy rain showers we actually saw threat that they at least the morning hours on a tuesday well now that same storm system a prop that whether it's cutting off their towards the northeast and are really much the pacific coastline is being saved by the spirit to lead them out each theme that runs through the central portions upon hearing your seat while a sunny skies but lacks of that knowledge came to a completely different
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story going on over here and we're seeing some fairly heavy snow fall this time next twenty four hours if they continue to kick up southern portions of a coyote them achieve it seems some wins out here up to buy one hundred and twenty one km trial reported today is to be seen about thirty to forty centimeters of snow in forty to fifty the love of a father for the south or the habeas is in the b c the cloud cover come through and all that northwesterly winds continue to stream on shore. some areas and tofu down for the full paprika region of the fifty centimeters of snow so really it's just a persistent for the next several days in a leather cord solely see some of those areas and in the blues' starting to pop up in you to see about three to four centimeters of snow fall is well on the high of three downpours tropics on the thirties here for you outside to get out the cold and a cool little bit farther toward self up by what's going on in australia ear where i'm actually a little bit different and we've been discussing here the last several days he would get as high pressure dominating much of the center portion of
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the condom us to uphold this warm air out of the interior alice springs on i thirty two but take a look at her thirty five. believe it or not. over the weekend are to be getting into the forties out here even on the eastern seaboard in just a cold front come through in temperatures still in the high twenties the low thirty so if you wanna get away from the cold and head south indication down here it's gonna be all much much warmer back off towards the north till i'm back into the winter weather and high pressure dominating much of the century us at frigid arctic air also bowls northwesterly winds bring in a narrow bands of lake effect snow and downwind of the erie ontario reports here on the superior some eateries out here could see up to forty five centimeters of snow in isolated regions granted but i think you are in any of those areas whiteout conditions as well also in the pacific northwest were looking at that storm system come onshore there at screens in windy conditions along with the wintry mix of priests a patient of the big topic to
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clear that the areas in pollution windows below freezing temperatures even watching the scene york. not even making enough to the freezing mark here on wednesday. i was going on in europe the high pressure dominate much of central and western year but has been the end of cloud cover up tours in or widespread rain showers there isn't really what i want to talk about just on the eastern side of the map. i need to see there the turkey heading down the middle east or iran syria with a low pressure email was sent off. it was an orphan it's been descending down with soft with a hearing this very cool but maurice there and so what we're seeing today is widespread snow fall specifically iran syria turkey border. it's going to be stopped some areas of twenty to thirty centimeters with a lot of refugee camps out yourself. last thing you need is below freezing temperatures and really any snow fall and easy to see hero the next three days made his major cities. looking at the chc"teau flirting with the zero degree mark even going into the weakened us
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look here what weather is extended forecast i am noon i do the eye. a snooze line
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for this hour and you know tommy and tell you from all of us here at nhk world thanks for joining a great day wherever you go the us. did. she's unique
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voices. the program that seeks to find answers to our opponents are learning the world's leading to move in there. the uses a wide range of opinion. the leading lights of our society sharing their thoughts on the geisha of today. these invoices with michael gordon. rule. new new
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